Thursday, January 28, 2010

Daily picture blog

Here's a little something from 82. Hope you like it. I'm finishing a piece i'll post soon.


  1. Please visit and for more graf stuff...

  2. this is what it´s all about, at least if you dont know where you are going, do knowledge where it came from.
    ive collecting subway photos for years and love to see old photos pop up now and then to add another story to history.
    The art that is created all over the world and the classic style pieces produced today are nice but i love to show new writers who see a nice burner anno 2009-10 and think its fantastic that this was invented on new york subway 30 years or more ago, and time after time they are numb and drop their jaw.
    Alot of kids out there dont know jack about that there was a time before subwayart, but they know there local johndoe and he is king!!! there is space for us all and if we show enuff love and pass the storys and photos to generations who come after, they will hopefully treat this with respect for a time that has been.
    Spade fba is passing storys on and i have the deepest respect for that, keep the photos comming man....
    love it.